Visionaries Impact Challenge

Job description

Get Your Entrepreneurial Journey Started with the 4-Week Impact Challenge!

Are you ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey?

Join our 4-Week Impact Challenge, starting January 24th, and do it without quitting your current job. This is your chance to unleash your inner entrepreneur and prepare to become an impact founder in the IoT, AI, or Computer Vision space.

What to expect:

  • A part-time (5-10 hours per week), fully remote opportunity to explore and validate IoT and Computer Vision tech cases, with or without your ideas

  • Collaborate with a dynamic group of high-potential peers who share your passion for innovation and potentially find your co-founder

  • Follow our proven NBT Venture Development Playbook to kickstart your entrepreneurial adventure

  • Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from tech and business experts

  • Impress us with your vision, and secure a spot in our prestigious Visionaries Incubation Program, which can lead to incorporation and pre-seed funding

Don't wait – start your entrepreneurial journey with the Impact Challenge and take the first step towards making a lasting impact on the world. Apply until 14.12.2023 - we look forward to seeing you!

Find more information on our website:

How it works:

  • Join our 4-week part-time program from January 24th to February 21th 2024

  • Find your next sustainable venture idea among our pre-researched use case library, or join with your own start-up idea

  • Unlock your entrepreneurial talent with our product, design & tech experts, and proven playbooks

What is in for you?

  • Drive positive change by working on one of our six pressing impact challenges that tackle real-world problems

  • Try out the entrepreneurial journey and discover your founder skills with complete flexibility before diving fully into building your startup

  • Speed up your venture journey with our proven venture development & product design playbook

  • Receive tailored hands-on support from our product & strategy, finance, and engineering teams

  • Work at your own pace with our flexible approach: part-time, remote, and modular

  • Win a wild card spot for our 100-day Visionaries incubation program

  • Work 100% remotely from anywhere in the world

How to apply?

Apply with or without your own business ideas, selecting from our six different impact challenges. After that, we will arrange a get-to-know call to learn more about you, followed by a short case assessment. We will select the best talents to join the program based on your performance. If chosen, you will start the challenge with us on January 24th, where you'll receive the necessary support and guidance to turn your tech idea into a reality.

Job requirements

Who can apply for our Visionaries Impact Challenge?

  • You already possess valuable industry or entrepreneurial experience

  • You are a natural leader with a proven track record of successfully leading cross-functional teams

  • You can dedicate at least 5-10 hours per week to the Impact Challenge program

  • You are eager to make the leap into the entrepreneurial realm

  • You are fluent in English

How do we recognize founder potential?

  • You're an exploration catalyst: You want to unlock the full potential of your expertise and explore innovative solutions to the complex global challenges of our time

  • You´re a versatile problem-solver: You have demonstrated a successful history of solving problems and are skilled at tackling new challenges beyond your current job duties

  • You're a tech startup advocate: You recognize the potential of tech to create positive change at scale, and you're interested in exploring how startups can drive lasting impact

  • You´re an impact-driven visionary: You are motivated by a profound purpose and grand visions, actively seeking to impact people's lives and the world significantly

  • You´re an ambitious innovator: You possess a visionary mindset fueled by an ambitious career vision and a solid commitment to turning your ideas into tangible realities