Founder & CEO / Head of Strategy and Growth (all genders)

Job description

Build with Us: Your IoT Startup Journey Starts Here

Are you a proficient Head of Strategy & Growth, with a proven track record ready to pivot toward a founder role?

Join our paid 100-Day Visionaries Incubation Program, launching 10th of March 2024. This is your opportunity to create, innovate, and grow, with full-time commitment and full compensation.

What you can look forward to:

  • Benefit from expert support from IoT, Computer Vision, business, and tech gurus who are dedicated to helping you succeed

  • Choose to work on-site in the vibrant city of Berlin or embrace the flexibility of remote collaboration

  • Experience a founder-centric approach with venture capital-ready deal terms, setting you up for success

  • Secure up to €700k€ in pre-seed financing to fuel your startup's growth with a majority stake (74.9%) for the founding team

  • Elevate your chances of founding success by 30% and drive positive change across industries

Don't miss the opportunity to build with us. Join our Visionaries program and turn your IoT startup dreams into a reality.

Our Values:

  • Founder First! We prioritize founders' well-being, growth, and our mission with a 'founder-first' approach, which is also reflected in our deal terms

  • Impact Driven! Preserve life on earth through impact-driven ventures supporting SDGs

  • Long-Term Partnership! Our financial success is directly tied to our portfolio companies' impact, with an initial pre-seed investment of up to €700K

Your Mission:

As a Visionary in our 100-day incubation program, you will collaborate with our experienced venture-building experts in each business area and receive all the support you need to succeed.

Your primary goal will be to address critical challenges as founder & CEO / Head of Strategy and growth and position the venture as an industry leader.

If successful, you will receive €700,000 in pre-seed capital, including cash & in-kind services (e.g. product, design, engineering, and various administrative support), to fuel the growth of YOUR company.

How it works:

  • Our 100-day program starts on March 10, 2024, either in Berlin or remotely

  • Collaborate with peers, and get expert guidance to refine your startup idea in the initial weeks

  • Create a solid foundation for your venture: prototypes, real-world testing, user feedback, and iterative improvements

  • Define MVP with product and engineering experts, focusing on essential features for a successful launch

  • Emphasis on delivering value to early adopters for market validation and investor attraction

  • Pitch your team and idea to NBT's Board; secure up to €700k in pre-seed investment with 74.9% equity retention for the founding team

  • Launch your company and join us in conquering the market and making your product vision a reality

Job requirements

What We Offer:

  • Impactful Tech: We tackle challenges with technology for real impact

  • Founder Support: We handle tech, so you focus on nurturing your business

  • Personalized Experience: Customized founder support with our proven playbook

  • Streamlined Success: Minimize time, money, and risks with our network

  • Co-Founder Matchmaking: Together we will find the right partner for you

  • Expert Coaching: Personalized sessions with our cross-functional experts

  • Shared Office Space: Access amenities in our office in Berlin

  • Pre-Seed Investment: Explore early-stage funding


  • Inner Drive: Self-motivated, goal-oriented, and a proven achiever

  • Unique Expertise: Standout skills and deep knowledge in a field that can form the foundation of your company's competitive advantage

  • Tech Enthusiasm: A passion for modernizing through advanced technologies

  • Entrepreneurial Track Record: Previous success in a fast-paced environment or building startups is a plus

  • Leadership and Innovation: Strong leadership, communication, and strategic thinking abilities to identify market opportunities and drive innovation

  • Resilience and Adaptability: Self-driven and comfortable in a fast-paced and ambiguous setting

  • Grit: Your unending well of energy keeps you going, finding alternatives when faced with obstacles. Your relentless determination ensures you never run out of steam

Ready to lead innovation and drive change as our Founder & CEO / Head of Strategy and Growth?

Join us in shaping the future – apply now and be the catalyst for impactful progress!

This is what we look for in a Serial Entrepreneur:

1. Proven Entrepreneurship: Demonstrated success in launching and growing startups, navigating the challenges, and gaining valuable experience.

2. Marketing/Sales Expertise: Proficiency in marketing and sales, with a proven ability to drive product adoption, generate revenue, and expand customer reach.

3. Innovation: A natural talent for creative problem-solving and the ability to identify new opportunities and solutions within the startup ecosystem.

4. Network: Extensive connections within the startup community, including relationships with venture capitalists, incubators, and fellow entrepreneurs, providing valuable resources and support.

5. Impact Focus: A passionate commitment to creating positive societal or environmental change through entrepreneurial endeavors, making a meaningful difference in the world.

This is what we look for in an Industry Expert:

1. Domain Mastery: A profound understanding of your industry, with specialized knowledge and a proven track record of achievements, sets you apart as an industry expert.

2. Operational Foundation: A strong operational background, providing the foundational knowledge necessary for integrating innovative processes into your field.

3. Innovation: A keen eye for identifying opportunities for technology-driven solutions within your industry, enhancing processes, and creating added value.

4. Adaptability: The ability to embrace ambiguity and swiftly adapt to changing environments and market conditions, is crucial for entrepreneurial success.

5. Sustainability: A dedicated focus on advancing sustainability, with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society through your work.

This is what we look for in a Product Manager to Founder:

1. Tech Proficiency: Profound technical expertise in areas related to IoT, Computer Vision, and AI, facilitating a deep understanding of the tech landscape.

2. User Focus: A relentless dedication to delivering an exceptional user experience, grounded in your extensive product management background.

3. Ideation Skills: A knack for generating and refining innovative ideas, forming a solid foundation for developing a tech-driven startup.

4. Entrepreneurial Aspiration: A clear goal of transitioning from a product management role to the founder position, driven by a passion for innovation and impact.

5. Problem-Solving: Strong problem-solving skills, enable you to identify market gaps, design innovative solutions, and drive positive change through your new tech venture.