Founder IoT-Powered EV Battery Second Life (all genders)

Job description

Join Our Visionaries Team and Revolutionize the EV Battery-Lifecycle with us!

Whether you are an experienced product manager or an electromobility expert, your influence is needed!

Are you ready to validate your entrepreneurial path and make a tangible impact in the beekeeping industry?

Whether you are an experienced product manager or retail expert, your influence is needed! 

Our 100-day incubation program offers you the opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial world, reinvent IoT-powered EV Battery practices, and take ownership of your career impact.

Join our collaborative and ambitious team and leverage cutting-edge technologies and your expertise to shape the future of EV batteries!

Our Values:

  • Founder First! We prioritize founders' well-being, growth, and our mission with a 'founder-first' approach

  • Impact Driven! Preserve life on earth through impact-driven ventures supporting SDGs

  • Long-Term Partnership! Our financial success is directly tied to our portfolio companies' impact, with an initial investment of up to €700k with a majority stake (74,9%) for the founding team

Your Mission:

As a Visionary, you will embark on a 100-day incubation program in collaboration with our cross-functional teams and Venture Partners.

Together, we will work on a pre-researched business opportunity centered around IoT-enabled second life for EV batteries. During this period, your primary objective will be to develop a comprehensive and exciting business model that addresses the identified market need.

Upon successful validation, we will provide up to €700,000 in pre-seed capital (cash & in-kind services) to fuel the growth of YOUR company.

Once you transition into the role of Founder, you will play a vital part in shaping the future of our company. You will be responsible for building the company from the ground up, including establishing all necessary operations, hiring and leading a high-performing team, and driving the development of business activities.

What We Offer:

  • Building what matters: Through the power of technology, we tackle pressing challenges head-on, striving to make a real impact in the EV battery industry

  • For non-technical founders: We handle the technical development, allowing you to fully focus on nurturing your business

  • Personalized founder experience: Customized support to embrace your unique founder journey with our proven product and building playbook

  • Streamlined venture success: Minimize time, money, and risks with our venture studio background and access to our extensive mentor and partner network

  • Idea-focused compensation: We provide a salary to ensure you can fully focus on your startup

The Venture Idea:

EV Battery Lifecycle: Managing the end-of-life phase of EV batteries, including disposal, resource scarcity, and environmental impact, presents sustainability and cost-efficiency challenges

Resource Scarcity and Environmental Impact: The growing demand for EV batteries strains vital raw materials, resulting in resource scarcity and environmental issues linked to battery disposal

Waste Reduction and Second Life for Batteries: Inefficient disposal and the need for prolonged battery life hinder cost-effective energy storage and contribute to environmental problems

We believe that IoT-enabled second life for EV batteries solves these problems:

Our envisioned solution leverages cutting-edge IoT technology and predictive AI algorithms. Our comprehensive platform empowers industrial and commercial customers to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability.

Enable businesses to maximize energy efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability. By repurposing used EV batteries, we provide cost-effective energy storage solutions, freeing up funds for strategic growth initiatives.

Our approach curbs waste and reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Job requirements

Key Responsibilities:

  • Validate and refine the business model for bee hive monitoring in collaboration with our cross-functional teams and partners

  • Business Model Validation: Collaborate to refine the IoT-enabled EV battery second-life business model

  • Company Setup: Establish operations, processes, strategies, and regulatory compliance

  • Team Building: Recruit and lead an innovative, collaborative team

  • Business Development: Identify partnerships, customer opportunities, and revenue growth

  • Market Leadership: Understand the market, competition, and customer needs to position as an industry leader

  • Equity Ownership: As an entrepreneur, take significant ownership and full responsibility for success


  • Your Bachelor’s Master’s Degree builds the foundation of your knowledge

  • Experience with EV battery or energy infrastructure market experience with a strong European focus (e.g., Automotive, Energy-Provider, CPOs, Photovoltaik)

  • Prior experience in a fast-paced startup environment

  • Ability to collaborate effectively in cross-functional product teams

  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate teams

  • Strategic thinker with a knack for identifying market opportunities and driving innovation

  • Self-driven, resilient, and comfortable in fast-paced and ambiguous environments

  • Traits: teamwork, communication at eye level, resilience, leadership, big vision, determination to succeed, action-oriented, impact-focused, and a strong sense of ownership and leadership

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey and make a lasting impact?

Apply now and join our Visionaries team in revolutionizing the way of using EV batteries in the future!